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Realizing the Future of Healthcare

Remote Patient Monitoring

Care Management 

Machine Learning

CMS Reimbursement

CMS is actively promoting value-based reimbursement pathways through value-based programs and remote patient monitoring activities.

A.I. and advanced machine learning techniques are creating new opportunities to lower healthcare costs and keep patients healthy.

Home-based care management for high-risk patients, enhanced by telehealth tools, improves patient quality-of-life and reduces healthcare costs.

The ability to receive and analyze data from patients remotely enables early detection and timely interventions, while promoting patient engagement. 

Technological Innovation

Advanced Data Analysis

The mass digitization and analysis of patient health and cost information provides clear and detailed areas for innovation and improvement.   

Value-Based Contracting

Payers & at-risk providers are increasingly willing to enter into performance-based contracts, rewarding solutions that substantially improve outcomes.

We partner with healthcare companies to bring game-changing technology to market. 

Our Market Focus

Americans spend more than twice as much on healthcare as their global peers, while only receiving average care across a broad range of measures evaluating access and quality. Health insurance coverage for people under 65 is also problematic, with the US Census reporting last year that over 30 million Americans are uninsured. The current system is deeply inefficient and ripe for improvement. 

US healthcare isn't working. 

But, there's reason for optimism.

Today, there are three major trends that have the potential to transform the current healthcare system and deliver better patient outcomes at lower costs. While change in healthcare has historically been slow, these trends are targeting core structural issues within the industry and are already having a positive impact.


Our Expertise

Pre-launch commercial planning is critical in quantifying value propositions, scouting early customers and partnerships, and instructing product design.

Business Development
Sales Leadership
Talent Acquisition
Fundraising Support
Go-To-Market Strategy
ROI-Based Price Modeling
Customer Prioritization
Commercial Operations

Early Commercial 

Early commercialization requires a relentless focus on eliminating risks and validating key strategic milestones to prepare for rapid revenue growth and scaling.